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Other solutions


Software that enables automated printing guides, producing the daily expedition file and statistic data.


There are several Web Services and plugin's available which enable the integration of software solutions developed by DPD, including Pickup locators, in online stores websites, such as:

  • Magento
  • Oscommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Virtue
  • Zencarte

SMS Alert 

It is an alert service to the recipient via SMS or Email. If you register an incidence the recipient may, on request, receive an informative SMS about the impossibility of carrying out the delivery and may reschedule the delivery.


Our portal is a clear commitment of DPD in providing a more functional service, faster and more efficiently to its customers, integrating all the essential features: schedule, search, change, or cancel shipments or collections; follow expeditions; check the status of refunds; etc.

Track and Trace

Through the website you can access all the information about your shipments at any time.


Receive by email or SMS, any factor that may interfere with delivery of documents and orders within the agreed timeframe. This innovative and unique service allows customers to make decisions while the order is in transit and to prevent it from being returned to them.