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Tips for Expeditions

When your package is transported, it passes through a number of scenarios, from transport vibration to environments with adverse weather conditions, so good wrapping, packaging and sealing are fundamental.

  1. Choose a box suited to the product you want to dispatch; it must not be too full or too empty;
  2. Use cardboard boxes, preferably corrugated, and if possible new and reinforced;
  3. The internal packing is fundamental to ensure that the products do not shift due to shaking or other external pressures. Each article should be wrapped separately and fragile articles should be given suitable protection and not placed close to the sides or corners of the box;
  4. The corners of the box should be reinforced with plenty of protective material;
  5. If you do not have a banding machine, use adhesive tape to seal the box. Stick 3 strips across the top and bottom of the box for safety and always avoid the use of any kind of string or cord, since this tends to cut into the cardboard;
  6. Toys and games in particular generally come packed in attractive boxes, but which are not suitable for dispatch, so you should always re-pack your presents;
  7. The package should be properly labelled, in legible writing, preferably block letters, and including the following information: Name of the receiver, complete address, postcode and town, and whenever possible with a contact telephone number. DPDShip clients have labels with barcodes which help to guarantee correct transport of the package and faster access to delivery information;
  8. Our transport waybills also have a barcode for increased reliability and control of your dispatch;
  9. Whenever possible use divisions, especially if the package contains fragile materials;
  10. If you re-use a cardboard box make sure that it is in a fit state to withstand the sorting and transport processes, and remove all old labels and other information;
  11. “Fragile” labels should only be considered as additional information and are no substitute for proper wrapping and packaging;
  12. If necessary use "This side up" labels to ensure that your package is transported in the correct position.